What directors are saying...

Dear Mr. Saxophone (Dave),

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing your wonderful concert presentation to our school! The children at our school enjoy your show year after year! It is great how you bring different instruments, you incorporate the children into the show and you let them get up and dance and enjoy the music! The children love nothing more than to sing and dance to music, especially live instrumental play! Thank you again, you do a wonderful job! Keep it up!


Thank You, 


- The Goddard School Staff and Students, O'Fallon MO, Ashley Davis - Curriculum Director


"Mr. Saxophone's style, ease, and enthusiasm brings smiles and laughter to the children. He is a big hit with Casa Dia Montessori!"

- Angela Haffer, Director, Casa Dia Montessori, Sunset Hills, MO



"Wow! Children of any age who love to listen to music and move will absolutely enjoy Mr. Saxophone. What a fun, energetic program this is packed full of smiles and laughter!"

- Tracey Brown, Director/Owner, Wonder Years, O'Fallon, MO  



"Mr. Saxophone, we call him 'The Music Man', is full of energy. The kids love the Flying Purple People Eater puppet, and the colorful outfits. He has been a regular at our centers for over 9 years."

- Christy Hughs, Director, ABC Daycare Wildwood / Lake St. Louis / Wentzville, MO




"Mr. Saxophone always puts on a great show for the kids. Lots of singing, dancing and fun to be had by all!"

- Laura Deist, Center Director, Kindercare Learning Center, Hazelwood, MO 

"The kids have a ball! It's very interactive, the kids get up and put on costumes, play kazoos and tambourines. They really get into it and have a great time! The parents were able to attend an evening performance one time and were very pleased and impressed."

- Connie Melvin, Director, Kindercare Learning Center, Maryland Heights, MO

"Mr. Saxophone's show is fun and exciting! The kids love to help sing the sing-alongs. They get to move around a lot and participate. The kids really enjoy it! We've been using the program monthly for over 8 years now."

- Lyn Tanner, Director, Corky's Preschool, Lemay, MO

"Children and staff alike really enjoyed the show. The live saxophone is a nice change of pace for us. 'Mr. Saxophone' has proved a valuable addition to our events. From the first time we decided to continue the show on a regular basis."

- Jeane Haalboom, Director, Faith Child World, Ferguson, MO

"The most impressive thing about Dave's show was the total involvement of the children. We all had a great time. It was as much fun for the teachers as it was the kids!"

- Kathy Henry, Director, Christy Park Academy of Montessori, St. Louis, MO

"It's an easy in-house event for us because Dave takes care of everything. It gives us a much needed break from the daily routine and the children just love it. The kids participate with great enthusiasm and keep singing the songs for many days afterwards."

- Donna Showe, Director, Kindercare Learning Center, High Ridge, MO

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