Reviews for "I Sneeze in Threes"

"Mr. Saxophone’s new album I Sneeze in Threes is a pleasant surprise of a project from Dave Farver, a music educator from St. Louis who plays sax and guitar. Along with the pop catchiness of the title track are several parodies, including 'Luke, I’m Your Father' (done to the tune of 'Smoke on the Water')."

    -   Gregory Keer, Family Man Recommends: Quick Picks for June 2013

"Farver has kept his musicality at a higher level while smartly targeting a younger audience, who may not get the references making their parents laugh."

   -   Jeffrey Cohen, Mr. Jeff 2000

"Mr. Saxophone writes smart and funny kids songs steeped in tunes and styles that are parent friendly. I Sneeze In Threes is of high musical quality, and appeals to young and old alike.  Mr. Saxophone aims to entertain, and hits his mark again and again.  I Sneeze In Threes should be remembered as one of the finest children's albums of 2013." 

   -  Wildy Haskell, Wildy's World

"I Sneeze In Threes is more than just an album for the kids to enjoy.  It is much more than that. Mr. Saxophone has tapped into a little secret, a lot of kids like the same music that their parents like.  The touches of whimsy and the great parodies make this an album for all ears.  Whatever your reason for listening to the album, you're sure to be pleased by the end."  

    -  Andrea Guy, Mossip

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